Meet The Host

Great Principals


A mother to two school-going children, she has been an entrepreneur in the education sector for over ten years and set up multiple schools in the hinterlands. 

Excellence in education is her mojo.

Great Principals (GP) is the platform to enable change in education while highlighting the role of Principals in shaping the future of India. Great Principals is a tribute to this community of national architects- the thought leaders and the best principals. Join us in our journey as we explore WISDOM TO INFINITY, accentuate achievements & draw insights from the challenges that the school leaders faced during their journey. 

Behind every school is an able and dynamic headmaster driving the activities of the teachers, staff, and students. Developing and maintaining an effective educational program by introducing a new education policy that fosters creative, innovative thinking and personal growth. They are solely responsible for directing the students and the school towards the right and successful path. 

My goal is to begin a conversation with these headmasters, leaders who hold the oars to our children’s futures. What is their thought process? How do they deal with the responsibility of shaping the children under their tutelage? What are the challenges they face? What are the expectations they have to deal with?

So, you might wonder what motivated me to think of this, right? It’s because I am a mother of two beautiful children, and I was haunted by many questions when I was on the lookout for a school that would impart great values along with a sound education to my children.

But, that’s not all. Academically equipped with an M. Com., I am also a Company Secretary. I was instrumental in setting up four schools from the ground up. So, having been on the other side of the spectrum, I realized how important it is to have a good leader who steers an academic institution.

I look forward to engaging with you. Come, let’s begin a conversation that might guide many in the right direction!