Creating Eco-friendly Environments in Schools; Why and How?

The habits, values, and practices we learn as children stay with us forever. Since most of our learning happens during the schooling years, it is understandable that schools have a huge impact on the lives of young students. 

Evidently, the climate crisis is becoming worse with every passing day. The increasing pollution and decreasing green patches all over the world are contributing to the global warming issues. We are running out of resources and thus, things are becoming even more concerning. 

In this situation, raising environmentally aware and eco-friendly global citizens is not optional anymore. Considering the influence that schools have on the young and curious minds of students, incorporating ecology lessons is a good way of making them aware of the importance of the issues. 

However, to actually make a difference it is important to create the right atmosphere in classrooms and schools where the students can practice what they are already learning. 

Creating an eco-friendly environment at school can be beneficial to the students, the schools, and even the planet. Fortunately, creating such an environment for students is not actually that difficult. Even without spending a single penny, you can create an eco-friendly environment by incorporating simple habits and activities into the regular curriculum. 

Here are 5 amazing ideas to create an eco-friendly environment at your school: 

Introduction of ‘Green Habits’ in Classrooms

The introduction of green habits can include encouraging students to come to school on bicycles, on foot, or through public transportation. The students can also be encouraged to switch off electrical appliances in the classroom when they aren’t in use. Buying more eco-friendly school supplies and having ‘class plants’ in every classroom can also help. This has been proven to be one of the most effective ways to create an eco-friendly environment in classrooms and eventually in schools.

Inclusion of a Cleaning Period during the day

Developing a habit of cleaning after themselves can be a great learning experience for the students. During the cleaning periods, students can also be taught about the correct ways of waste segregation and composting methods. With the right kind of habits from a young age, these students will eventually turn into responsible adults and better humans. Having cleaning periods in schools is a common practice in schools in Japan. 

Green Exercises in school 

A specific time can be allotted for ‘green exercises’ in the school curriculum. During these exercises, the students can be taught how to plant trees and take care of them with a more practical approach. Such activities can include creating a school garden or having potted plants in classrooms. Taking care of a plant nurturing inculcates a sense of responsibility in the children at an early. 

Homework about Sustainable Practices 

Homework related to sustainable practices can be a great way to achieve the goal. The homework can be creative and informative in nature while challenging them in certain ways. For example, finding solutions to decrease waste production at home or better ways to segregate domestic waste can help students think more critically. For the eco-friendly environment at school to shape the students positively, you need to make sure that they are practicing the same things at home as well. 

Extracurriculums with Eco-friendly themes 

Most students like participating in extracurricular activities. Be it on-stage activities like theatrical dramas, musicals, etc, or off-stage activities like painting and writing contests, students take these activities with great seriousness. Including themes of environmental awareness in these activities can have positive effects on the students while giving them a medium to express their own thoughts and perceptions on environmental issues. 

Creating a sustainable and eco-friendly environment at school is beneficial to everyone in the question. Eco-friendly environments in schools can help students become more responsible. The related activities can help develop their problem-solving and critical thinking skills. Eventually, these students will grow up to be ecologically conscious adults who can contribute to the betterment of the planet. 

At Great Principals, we hope to bring about a necessary change in the ways of Indian Education. Each new generation is far more capable than the last, and we owe it to evolution. But as humans evolve, we are required to transcend from our old ways and look at things from a different perspective, one that shapes the untapped minds of the children for the ever-growing world.

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