Does Taking Breaks Help You Study Better?

Imagine sitting still in the same place for a very long time. Uncomfortable, right? 

Anything done in a stretch for a long time can be numbing and uncomfortable. So, naturally, even studying without breaks can do the same thing to you. One might think they’re wasting time by taking breaks because “How can less study time help me?” is a frequent question many students have. But, in reality, if done appropriately, taking breaks in between study hours can help refresh the mind and increase productivity. 

Of course, checking social media doesn’t count as a break while studying since it doesn’t really relax your brain. Checking through the 30-second reels can suck you into the loop of mindless scrolling but sitting still for 15 minutes and just breathing can do the trick! 

Let’s find out more benefits of taking study breaks at frequent intervals. 

Helps improve memory

Breaking up long sessions of studying with mindful, intentional breaks helps students concentrate better. They understand what they are studying rather than just doing it for the sake of it. This improves memory and helps them retain what they are studied for a long time. 

Boosts energy and keeps you fresh 

Focusing your energy on one task and doing it for a long time can drain anyone easily. This leads to burning out and feeling tired rather than being enthusiastic about learning. 

Taking short breaks at regular intervals can keep you fresh and help your brain recover faster. Strategically taken 15-20 min power naps can give you the much-needed energy boost and keep you going through the day. 

Keeps stress in check 

Constantly worrying about anything and everything increases the Cortisol levels in our body, causing high levels of stress. Based on the research conducted over the years, it is quite well-known that students are prone to developing stress. 

Stress at a tender age can contribute to neural damage! On the other hand, taking breaks between long study hours can soothe the mind and keep the stress in check. 

Improves health 

Study breaks keep your mind and body well-rested while helping you learn and retain information easily. This leads to improved health since stress levels are low and energy is retained in the body. And of course, maintaining good health can help you study more and better in the long run! 

Amplifies creativity 

Creativity cannot come from a stressed, scattered, and burned-out brain. For inspiration to hit, the brain needs to be well-rested to process information and analyze things better. So, next time you find yourself stuck during your study hours, taking a break might help you find some fresh new ideas! 

Here are some healthy study break ideas so you don’t get stuck in the never-ending loop of scrolling through social media.

  • Meditate and practice mindful breathing 
  • Take a short walk 
  • Have a healthy snack! A fruit or some dry fruits might help. 
  • Clean up the clutter in your room and enjoy the satisfaction of productivity 
  • Move, workout, dance; get your body moving for 10 mins 
  • Drink water and stay hydrated. But, drinking some juice can level things up for you. 
  • Set your alarm and take a 20 min long power nap 

Breaks may seem like a waste of time, especially when exams are just down the line with very little time to study and revise. Avoiding breaks can harm your brain owing to the constant bombardment of information. It makes studying tedious, and the child numb and tired. 

So, to truly study better and maintain enthusiasm, take diligent breaks and make the most out of them! Assess the unique individual needs and ensure that the brain is well-rested so the child can grasp the concepts effectively. 

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